Booster Pads

We are currently in the process on restocking more booster pads

Essentially Booster Pads are used to increase capacity of your diaper. 

Booster Pads are designed to absorb fluids as well as letting some flow through to your diaper. 

In the meantime we have a range of NorthShore Dyna Dry pads that can still be used as booster pads. 

These style of pads have an adhesive strip that can be used to position and be held within your diaper. As these are designed for fluids to be held in and not flow through due to a waterproof backing.

These pads can easily be made into booster pads simply by cutting / ripping / poking holes within the waterproof backing thus allowing fluids to flow through the pad into your diaper. 

The XLG and 2XL are actually quite big and could be considered a diaper in itself just without the wings and tape.