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Short Sleeve Safari Onesie Small - myabdlsupplies

Short Sleeve Safari Onesie SML

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Safari Short Sleeve Onesie

This new style has 5% spandex and have a great stretch to them so they stretch to a few inches over the sizes listed below.

The only onesie you'll ever need.

Fits similar to regular t-shirt sizing.

  • Helps to smooth lines,
  • keep diapers and pads in place without sagging or shifting.
  • Feel cute, secure and confident.

Size Chart Size   Chest           Length

XS                       36"               25.5"

Small                  39"                28"

Medium              42"                30.5"

Large                  45"               31.5

XL                       54"                32"

2XL                     55"                35" 

3XL                     60"                39"

4XL                     64"                39"