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Rearz Lil Squirts V2 - Splash SAMPLE PACK MED

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Rearz Lil Squirts

SAMPLE PACK MED              


It's time to join the party! Jump in for a Splash with our new friends Lucy the Bunny, Arnold the Dog, Onyx the Tiger, Gus the Otter and Autumn the Bear!

Featuring all of the premium features you have come to love to manage moderate to severe bladder/bowel incontinence issues

  • Tall standing leg guards to manage surge incontinence
  • Amazing elastic waistbands
  • Super soft inner for sensitive skin and sensory sensitive individuals
  • Reinforced front panel and 4 refastenable Tapes
  • Total capacity of 3900ml+.

With a soft light blue outer plastic and a blue inner core, you are sure to feel as relaxed as at the beach or pool. Featuring a cheerful printed wetness indicator, once it becomes wet you will notice the Rearz text, bubbles and fish disappear.

Size       Medium           Large              X-Large

Width    67cm 26.4"      80cm 31.5"    85cm 33.5"

Length  84cm 33.1"      96cm 37.8"    102cm 40.2"

Waist   76-112cm         96m-124cm   112-145cm 

Sizing    29.9"- 44.1"     37.8"- 48.8"   44.1"- 57.1"