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myabdlsupplies 3rd Birthday Party

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myabdlsupplies Picnic Party,

Thank you to all those who have supported myabdlsupplies. 

We will be having a 3rd birthday picnic party for myabdlsupplies.

This is a chance for people to come together and meet up in a safe and secure environment.

The booking I have made is for 20 people which is the maximum amount of people allowed at a public gathering.

The venue will be in North West Sydney. 

Public Transport is limited however it will be possible to walk approx 25min from nearest train station or Catch a short UBER from nearby station  

Social distancing will be observed as well as normal rules that apply in the situation we are in.

There is a small fee of $10.00 to help go towards the venue hire. We will also be providing activities such as Colouring in, Ball Games and some easy board games such as UNO and Jenga.

We will be providing catering by means of basic BBQ. This will include sausages, salads and Soft Drinks. If you would like anything else cooked please feel free to bring any cut of meat or seafood you like.  BYO Alcohol.

By purchasing a Ticket you will agree to the following rules. 

  • This is a family park area. There will possibly be Vanilla families picning and enjoying the park. Whilst there is play equipment at this park could I please request that you refrain from using this whilst attending the event.
  • Please wear Vanilla clothing however you can choose what type of underwear you like even if it's the absorbent kind!!!!!
  • If you choose to wear diapers under your Vanilla clothing can you please ensure they are disposed of in an appropriate and responsible manner. 
  • We ask that you keep the location of this party confidential and not to disclose this to anyone or post anywhere on social media. There are many reasons for this rule and you need to keep this too yourself. If you breach this rule your ticket will be cancelled and you will not be refunded. 
  • As mentioned before anyone attending this event must purchase a ticket through this website.
  • If you are wearing a diaper to this event under clothing we ask that you refrain from messing it whilst attending this event ( Unless you are genuinely bowel incontinent.)
  • Please treat everyone attending the event with respect and dignity. Just because someone is a little or a big it dosen't mean they will be in a CG relationship with you. 
  • Do not hug, cuddle, touch or invade someone's personal space, unless you have verbal consent to do so. Just because someone has said yes once it is not a green light to keep repeating this behaviour.   If you breach this rule and this is reported to me you will be asked to leave the event no refund will be given.  
  •   Any of these rules may be altered and or added to prior to commencement of this event and will be shown on this page.
  • Do not take any photographs of people attending event without there verbal consent. If you breach this rule and it is reported to me you will be asked to leave,