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DiaperLife Organic Onesie MED

DiaperLife Organic Onesie MED

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Discreet all black design looks like a regular t-shirt but provides discreet full coverage and noise reduction.

Fabulous cotton spandex design gives the perfect fit.

These diaper shirts provide support and hold things in place.

These fit similar to your standard shirt size.

Snap crotch. 95% cotton + 5% spandex to give it the perfect fit

Made in China

Size Chart

Size    Chest  Length 

XS         27"       24.5"

Small     30"       28.5"

Medium 33"       32.5"

Large      36"      34.5"

XL           42"      36.5"

2XL         45"     38.75"

3XL         50"     40.75"