BYD Teddy Soother

BYD Teddy Soother

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A new and beary cute soother is here.Smooth and simple on the outside and lightly detailed ears and smile on the outside. This style has a large gap on the outsidee for adorable soft nibbles to fingers without sacrificing the comfrtoable shape of our classic teat!  After 9 months of design, sampling and production our latest pacifier style is here! 

Our popular classic teat, meets a soft shield with an adorable bear eared detail and handle in the front. 

♡ Safety of silicone with the look of latex (Made from food grade Silicone)

♡ 2 air holes to vent and let the pacifier breath

♡ 2.5 in | 6.35 cm Height

♡ Just under 2.5 in | 6.36 Teat Length