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Nateen Booster Easy 8 Maxi

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Why Use Nateen Easy-8 Maxi Instead Of Adult Diapers?

Easy-8 Maxi pads are soft, breathable, disposable and convenient to use. It has a multi-layered absorption core that contains a superabsorbent powder (SAP) that absorbs liquid fast. This high-quality pad leaves the clean, dry and healthy skin.

A technically advanced polyethylene (PE) back sheet has been designed with double wetness indicator to show when the pad is ready to change.

Anti-leak cuffs are built around the edge to ensure all liquid is absorbed directly into the pad. This minimizes any risk of side leakage allowing the user to wear Nateen with confidence and to lead an independent lifestyle.

Nateen insert pads can be easily used with brief-style underwear or pants.

Who Should Use Nateen

Easy-8 MAXI To Replace Adult Diapers? Easy 8 Soft is suitable for users with a moderate or heavy level of incontinence. It is designed to be universal in sizing and offers absorbency protection of >2450 ml.

Introducing Nateen Insert Easy-8 Maxi Pads (Belgium)

  • Does Not Leak
  • Covers your groin area completely to prevent spill
  • Tabs are easy to reposition and do not loosen over time Does not tear easily
  • Comfortable to wear